Testimonials — Shane Brockett – Nutrient Technician / Master Grower

“My trial plants treated with Organibliss™ showed a definite size difference to control group and the flowers are larger and heavier and looked as if they were soaking wet until you touch them and it is very resinous and supple and firm. I tested six different strains of plants for an entire growing season. My average increase in yield was 55.61%”

Shane Brockett – Nutrient Technician / Master Grower


Lexington, Michigan

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Testimonial:  Robin Moberly, Master Grower

“I grow the highest value crops there are: medicinal plants. Last year I harvested four pounds of product from 30 plants. This year I used Organibliss™ for the first time and harvested six pounds from 30 plants, a 50% increase in yield. Then I used Organibliss™ again for my next group of 30 and got seven pounds of product. Even at the 50% increase level, for me it equates to a one to twelve value proposition: For each dollar I invest in Organibliss™ I get $12.00 worth of additional product. That also does not take into account that it is a very cost-effective insurance policy against environmental stresses.”

Robin Moberly, Master Grower

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Testimonial — Tom Davis, Professional Grower

“My summation is that by helping create a healthy plant which this does, Organibliss™ helps the plants to withstand the common blights in our industry. It seems to boost the immune systems or perhaps its concoction of various African tree parts is the boost, not really sure. I will keep using it regularly. Now that I see how it works, I spray it on all my plants.”

Tom Davis, Professional Grower, Gaylord, MI

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Testimonial — Jonathan Estes, Master Grower —- Detroit

“I sprayed my plants with Organibliss™ every other day for about 12 days and I simply could not believe it… I did not have any problems at the time and my yield was decent so I wasn’t sure how it affected those things, but 12 days spraying every other day it made my plants very healthy, quickly. I simply could not believe it. It saved my harvest, so from that day forward I decided I was a fan and would use nothing to grow my plants. It is a miracle product!”

Jonathan E., Master Grower ---- Detroit

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Mike from Michigan, professional grower

I wanted to tell you since I  started using organibliss my garden has not looked as good as it does now, I have had some fantastic grows in my life but this one is rocking. All the plants have a great color and the plants just look healthier  thanks — Mike from Michigan

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Lynette Houting

I cannot say enough positive and glowing reports on my garden growth and plant health with Organibliss.  Love how all my plant health issues are gone.  Thank you Organibliss. — Lynette Houting

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I now need TWO machetes to trim my plants!

The 12 plants with full strength are twice as bushy as 6 plants with half strength Organibliss.  I’m usen full strength Organibliss 4 almost a week now into Flower im impressed! In my 50+ years of family gardening n of coarse growing buds I can’t wait til next season will be half the plants in cages cause I out of room!  BobbyNubbs...

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Jay in Arizona – Testimonial

Thank u so much for ur organibliss! its has turned my garden around! all the problems that i had r gone! in two weeks time, & it helped the plants endure the harsh summers here in the valley of the sun! It works so good I’ll tell my friends in wa and ore and here in az! u should call it organimazingbliss!!!!    Jay in Arizona

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Jon in California

“Plants look very healthy …no problems…very very healthy…my plants have never looked this good… growing outside in the desert where it’s in the 110-120 range and quite possibly humid creates a number of challenges…I’m convinced Organibliss has been a huge help…It’s all about the right strain for the right conditions…and keeping them happy…and Organibliss has helped me do that…Peace,  Jon in California.”

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