OrganiOdorGone™ – The Odor Eliminator – 3 ounce bottle


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OrganiOdorGone™ is an all-natural, and organic odor controller.

OrganiOdorGone™ provides for the long-term effectiveness needed to deal with persistent odors from recurring plant effluents, smoke, or other surface to air pollutants.

OrganiOdorGone™ is a water based solution that is safe to humans, equipment, materials of construction, and the environment, is stable for up to two years, and works actively on the treated surface for days depending on the wear and tear of the surfaces and environmental conditions.

OrganiOdorGone™ – The Odor Controller™ is a natural, organic concentrated liquid and is ready to use. Simply spray it as a fine mist on whatever you want deodorized. All soft goods and hard surfaces.

OrganiOdorGone™ is the product of choice. Knock out power and residual activity.

OrganiOdorGone™ doesn’t mask odors like an air freshener. It eliminates them.