Organibliss™ — 32 ounce jug


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32 Ounces of Organibliss™ Makes 75 Gallons of Mix for Foliar Spray

Organibliss™ is an all natural, organic, OMRI Listed plant growth enhancer.

Value Proposition: Organibliss™ is a highly concentrated, high-value product.  Its highest recommended dosing level is 2 drops per ounce of water.  Since there are 600 drops in one ounce of Organibliss™ one ounce will make 2.34 gallons of mix for foliar spray.  It is applied once a week.

Yield Increase: In repeated Field Trials, professional growers have consistently seen an increase in plant health and an increase in yield, often as much as 50% increase.  Do the math and consider what that means in the value of the crops you are growing.

Made USA small

Weight 4 lbs