Organibliss™ is an all-natural, organic plant food that helps plants to thrive and dramatically increases their yield. Specially formulated from select robust plants that thrive in the extreme environments of sub-Saharan Africa to help grow high-value crops. Our uniquely crafted natural plant food captures the essence of these plants, transferring their properties to our plants here.

Organibliss™ is a highly concentrated liquid that mixes with water to become an organic foliar spray. Referred to as “bioadaptive supplementation,” Organibliss™ technology results in a genuine breakthrough performance in natural plant health and cultivation strategies. No organic plant food is as comprehensive or effective as our organic foliar spray.

Organibliss™ allows professional growers to achieve high productivity and plant health, while reducing their use of synthetic chemical nutrients and agricultural chemicals.

Organibliss™contains bionutrients known as limonoids and terpenoids. They are a major contributor to a plant’s ability to survive in harsh, extreme conditions. No matter what high-quality crop you are growing, Organibliss will ensure that they survive and thrive.

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